Design History

Design History

Introduction to the brand itself, I used and imported Kente Cloth graffiti on a Black backdrop. Kente is a nod to African Ancestry we all have yet to delve into, incorporated into a clean graffiti associated with hip hop, which told OUR stories of life while Black in America. The Black drop stands for being seen as Black first in America and all the challenges we face. The Great Pyramid, as a nod to the magnificent endeavors of OUR African ancestors, our creators; therefore, we are meant to create. This style will also come in vinyl print as well for more casual wear.

We are the children of God the creator, and he gave us the power to create all we truly need and want with faith, unity, respect, love, support, and diligence. We are worthy creators with the full ability to apply our knowledge and innovate in all facets of life. The Adinkra symbol of the star over the heart originates from Western Africa.

We are the most resourceful and make a way out of no way. We are worthy of abundance as a people derived from ancestors who built the American Dream. We must focus on manifesting our abundance. The Adinkra symbol of abundance comprises four simple cowrie shells, which were accepted as currency in ancient Africa. Using some intelligent, poetic style to express how our creativity, intelligence, swag, and class sets trends and culture so many imitate. We effortlessly set trends others follow, solidifying what culture is truly elevated.

Simply Said, change in life cannot occur with fear in your heart. The highest of Adinkra symbols over the heart describes the all-encompassing God and his omnipotence. We as a people are the most talented, intellectual, creative, and entrepreneurial, yet we don’t continuously pursue our dreams. You are worthy, made in God’s image, equipped with all the tools you need; use the power of self-assertion to be whom God has made you be, not a product of the environment orchestrated for us to survive in.

The Black Man is King and protector of his woman, family, and community. We must uplift, love, respect, and appreciate our Black men as he is the most targeted in America; his empowerment and leadership are crucial to the US as a community. The toxic masculinity agenda that seems only to target OUR men must be seen for what it is, an attack on OUR Black men. The Adinkra symbol over the chest represents defense and protection.

Each message is one of self-love, self-respect, and inspiration for each day we wake up to face the world.